Auto lift with tools —————————————————- $30/hr OR $1/min (within 30mins)

Stall work station with tools (no lift)  —————————–  $20/hr (No partial hour rate)

Over time stay after 8PM (Preapproval required)  ————  $60/hr (No partial hour rate)


Stall work station with tools hourly rate (no lift) ————– $20/hr (No partial hour rate)

Over time stay after 8PM (Preapproval required) ————- $60/hr (No partial hour rate)


Waste oil and coolant disposal Fee  ——————————- $2.5/Gallon

Weekend Surcharge Sat & Sun ————————————– $5/hr

Lowered Vehicles ——————————————————- $20


Daily Storage ————————————————————- $20/day

Running Vehicle monthly storage ———————————– $250/Month

Immobile Vehicle monthly storage ——————————— $300/Month


We are proud to introduce our VIP program to all of our loyalty customers. It works like a discounted prepaid store credit remain in your account, you can just use your credit to pay for each of your visits at Your Dream Garage.

Silver Package —————————————– $250 for 10 hours (17-30% OFF)

Gold Package —————————————— $500 for 22 hours (27-37% OFF)

Platinum Package ———————————— $1000 for 50 hours (37-43% OFF)

VIP Benefit:

  • The VIP credit is transferrable between friends and families
  • Minutes roll over, save the minutes you did not use within the hour and use for your next visit.
  • Free Oil/Coolant disposal, Gloves, Rags, Soda, Bottle water. Half price on Gatorade, Cup Noodle, Red Bull, Monster and Coffee


1. Customers represent that they have in effect their own health insurance coverage and acknowledge their consent and full understanding that this shop will not be responsible and/or liable to its patrons for injuries sustained by the customer while using the Shop facilities, tools, equipment in performance of automotive repair and maintenance work at the shop.

2. All vehicles and parts that customers take into our shop have to be legal and permitted.

3. Safety glasses must be worn at all time within the facility when performing any automotive work or using equipments.

4. NO open toed shoes will be allowed within the facility at any time.

5. Spills of any kind must be reported to Your Dream Garage Inc. staff IMMEDIATELY.

6. Smoking is PROHIBITED within the Facility at all time.

7. Rags must be disposed into the proper red metal containers; place used oil filters upside down inside the oil drain container, DO NOT throw them into trash.

8. ONLY YOUR DREAM GARAGE INC. staffs are allowed to move vehicles into, out or within the Facility. Customers may NOT drive any vehicle, into, out or within the Facility. (Exceptions may apply during CoVID19)

9. ONLY YOUR DREAM GARAGE INC. staffs are allowed to place vehicles onto automotive lift and remove them. Customers ARE NOT permitted to reposition the automotive lift arms once the vehicle has been placed onto the lift.

10. Customers are responsible for all the tools and equipments provided for them to use. All the tools and equipments must be cleaned and returned in the same condition as when they were provided.

11. Use the right tool for the right job. DO NOT ABUSE OR MISUSE THEM. Ex: Do not use hand tool socket for impact wrench, do not use screw driver or pry bar as punch, etc.

12. If you are not sure of anything, PLEASE ASK BEFORE PROCEED!

13. Frustration, panic or rush through a project can be seriously dangerous when one is working on his or her vehicles. We WILL PROHIBIT anyone from entering our facility or using our service if we believe this person is in any of the mental stage mentioned above.

14. Customers must follow all the shop policies, as well as the rules and instructions given by Your Dream Garage Inc. staff.


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