Mini cooper owner Eva called and notified us that the emergency alarm of her mini cooper alerted her of its overheating.

We strongly advised her that it was imperative for her to bring the car in so we can take a quick look at it. She finally made it here later of the day.  Sure enough, the coolant completely leaked out of the car and the water was boiling in the reservoir. The leakage was extremely difficult to find due to the compact engine compartment design. It took us almost two hours trying to figure out where exactly it was leaking. Finally, we verified it was the oil filter housing problem.

The first recommendation we gave her was to call the Manufacturer and find out if there was a recall or if the warranty is still in effect to this defect.

We got the good news from her the next morning; the defect is still covered under warranty.

She told us that she had driven the car for about fifty miles despite the alert warning. It was shockingly fortunate that the engine did not blow up from the exhausted coolant level.  Had the engine been damaged; it would be impossible for the warranty to cover that big loss.

If you ever experience such emergency warning while driving, stop immediately and call us or your dealership for advice. At Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop, we would read your code or do a quick inspection on your car with no charge. We just want to help and wish everyone to do the right thing to give optimal care of their cars.