If you are new to motorcycles, then the first thing you might want to learn is how to clean and lube your chains. Motorcycle chains are supposed to be cleaned and lubed every 300 miles. The best time to clean them is right after a ride while the chains are warm. There are sprays on chains lube, as well as the chains lube paste. If you take care of your motorcycle chains well, it should last around 20,000 miles before you need a replacement. You can save a lot of money by simply taking care of them once every few hundred miles.

Motorcycle chain

The chains also need adjustment whenever needed. It would be extremely dangerous if the chains come too loose while riding. At Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop, you can have all the tools and equipments that are needed for your motorcycle. The rate for motorcycle starts from as low as $10/hr. Heavy duty motorcycle lifts are also available.

loose motorcycle chain