There are people who do not understand why there are so many “DIYers” (people who like to work on their own cars and motorcycles). The answer to this is quite simple: Trust, Cost, Fun, and Time.

1. TRUST: People choose to work on their own cars is because they do not trust the carelessness of mechanics. There are countless mechanics that just want to work as fast as they can to get their clients’ cars out of the shop, so they can start on other cars and generate more income. The innocent clients are usually victims of poor quality of services for their vehicles.

2. COST: It is too costly to send the car to the dealership for repair an
d maintenance. An average auto shop charge around $80/hour for labor rate and parts while the dealerships charge $110+/hour. It will be much cost efficient to fix it yourself, at the same time you can also avoid poor quality services by careless mechanics for your hard earned money.

3. FUN: There is an exhilarating feeling of accomplishments when you figured out a problem and fixed it by yourself. The process involves learning, researching, and critiquing your own skills. People say “once you get your hands on them, you will never go back!”

Man with wooden toolbox. Isolated 3D image

4. TIME: People usually wait approximately two to three hours at a dealership for a simple oil change. If you could do a twenty minutes oil change on your own, then you just have saved yourself two to three hours’ worth of precious time.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

1. Most people do not have an automotive lift, which comes very handy for underneath car jobs.

2. Tools, equipments are very expensive. A setup for a car garage to do the most regular jobs on cars could easily cost over $20,000.

These disadvantages are solved by going to Your Dream Garage. With an affordable hourly rate or long term discount, you can avoid all the troubles of scrupulous, careless mechanics and high cost. All you have to do is just come in empty handed with your car, and then enjoy the fun time working on it.

Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop is the place where your dreams of Do-it-Yourself on your vehicle come true…