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Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop is hosting a time attack competition for oil changes.

It is free to join. The winner with the quickest oil change will win a $50 Your Dream Garage gift card.

Competition interval: June 1st to December 31st


  1. Participants can use floor jack with jack stand, two-post or four-post lift to complete the oil changes.
  2. Participants will have to drain the oil until there are drops from the drain hole not a fluid line.
  3. Participants are required to change the filter, washer and the oil.
  4. The drain plug needs to be torqued. (to avoid the participants pay too much attention to finish the job quickly but forgot to tighten the bolt)
  5. For floor jack oil changes, the time starts when the jack pad is on the jack point of the car. For oil changes on lifts, the time starts from the first mechanic stop of the lift.
  6. The time ends when the dip stick shows that the oil level is between the maximum and minimum mark. For electronic oil level indicator, the time ends as soon as the computer starts reading, but the result will only count if the reading ended at the right oil level.

If you would like to participate, please mention oil change time attack when you make your reservation.

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If you are new to motorcycles, then the first thing you might want to learn is how to clean and lube your chains. Motorcycle chains are supposed to be cleaned and lubed every 300 miles. The best time to clean them is right after a ride while the chains are warm. There are sprays on chains lube, as well as the chains lube paste. If you take care of your motorcycle chains well, it should last around 20,000 miles before you need a replacement. You can save a lot of money by simply taking care of them once every few hundred miles.

Motorcycle chain

The chains also need adjustment whenever needed. It would be extremely dangerous if the chains come too loose while riding. At Your Dream Garage DIY Auto Shop, you can have all the tools and equipments that are needed for your motorcycle. The rate for motorcycle starts from as low as $10/hr. Heavy duty motorcycle lifts are also available.

loose motorcycle chain